Spiral Water Bottle Sling

Designer: Karen Adams

Recommended Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton
Guage: 5 Stitches by 6 Rows equals 1 inch Stockinette
Needle Size: US 8
Optional materials: 2 Small D-Rings and an O-Ring


I wanted something to make it easier to carry my water bottle around, and I wanted to have the option of either using a wrist strap (for on the go quick use) or clipping on a longer strap (for more prolonged and comfortable use)

For the record, I have this bottle: Right Here

I cast on 36 stitches, joined in the round and then knit 5 rows of 2X2 rib, then did a row of:

(K1 K2TOG) rep to end (24 Stitches)

then start in on the simple lace rows

(YO, K2TOG) rep to end
knit all stitches

repeat these two rows 20 times

now increase back up to 36 stitches:

(K2, M1) rep to end (36 Stitches)

do a few rows of 2X2 rib

knit all stitches to prepare for bottom decreases

Start the decreases for the bottom:

(K4, K2TOG) 6 times (30 Stitches)
K all stitches
(K3, K2TOG) 6 times (24 Stitches)
K all stitches
(K2, K2TOG) 6 times (18 Stitches)
K all stitches
(K1, K2TOG) 6 times (12 Stitches)
(K2TOG) 6 times (6 Stitches)

Break yarn and thread through remaining 6 stitches, draw tight and weave in the ends


Then I simply sewed on the d-rings and O-Ring, knitted a strap by casting on 4 stitches, doing 6-7 rows stockinette, increasing to 7 stitches (KFB, K2, M1, K2, KFB) and doing about 7 inches of 1X1 ribbing, dec to 4 stitches (K2TOG, K1, K2TOG, K2TOG)do a few rows stockinette and then sewed the strap together, then attached it to the O-Ring on the back of the sling. The longer strap is one I cannibalized from an old purse I had. If you don't have the D and O rings you can optionally just sew your preferred handle(s) right onto the sling!